L   E   S      J   O   Y   N   E   S

B R A Z I L I A N   M U S E U M   O F  

S C U L P T U R E   (2 0 1 2)

FormLAB-Sao Paulo exhibited at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With support from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, Les Joynes constructed a laboratory within the museum which produced each day new sculptures and live performance.

The outcomes of this included a multi-media installation in the museum: a LAB structure, sculptures and videos of found object collection. This also included live performances during the exhibition both in the LAB structure and outside on the grounds of the museum. The output was both video documentation as a two-channel video and discrete sculptures including a hanging sculpture.


The LAB - a museum within a museum became both a stage and a Panopticon in which the artist could experiment and the spectators could observe creative cooperation and the emergence of the artifact.

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